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December 2, 2023


Taylor Lang is taking care of grown women business

Model Taylor Lang
Story by Deon Stubbs
Photography by RIC 
Styling by Latricesa Myonne
Makeup by Faith
Hair by Chantel Destiny

In the realm of fashion and modeling, Taylor Lang is not just another professional; she is a guiding force, a mentor, and a passionate advocate for the development of models within the industry. Her role goes beyond the superficial, as she strives to empower these budding talents to excel in every facet of the field, whether it be mastering the art of dance, commanding the stage with unwavering presence, or delving deep into the nuances of character development. Confidence, she firmly believes, is the linchpin upon which their success hinges. Taylor's journey into this sphere was not by happenstance but rather a convergence of her passion for the industry and her altruistic spirit. Her involvement took root when she began volunteering at her mother's school. As someone who had always embraced the role of a model with an innate sense of style, she noticed the gravitational pull she had on the young girls at the school. With her mother's

position as a principal, Taylor harnessed this opportunity to inspire and elevate the students. In 2015, she orchestrated a remarkable fashion show with the school's students, a testament to her influence and impact. The real breakthrough, however, was yet to come. Taylor's journey took her from Columbus to Atlanta, a deliberate step to amass the knowledge and experience that she deemed essential. But it was her relocation to Los Angeles in November 2020 that presented her with a profound realization—the sheer magnitude of dedication required to thrive in the cutthroat world of film and modeling. It was in this crucible that her journey transformed into a remarkable



Embodying the philosophy of "Grown Woman Business," Taylor, a formidable 30-year-old entrepreneur, underscores the importance of self-reliance, self-respect, and taking care of shit as a grown woman should. She doesn't compromise or underestimate herself and believes in treating every individual with equal regard, be they a janitor or a CEO. Through her career, Taylor has encountered her share of hurdles. Her impressive skill set and experience have at times collided with a community that struggles to retain acquired knowledge. The disappointment lies in the realization that even seemingly basic skills—such as reading and following instructions or disciplined practice—are not consistently embraced. Taylor has often faced resistance when advocating for a more structured approach. Taylor's personal development journey has seen her overcome her past, which she describes as somewhat tumultuous. Wrestling with a short temper and a penchant for confrontation, she has learned to exercise control and embrace emotional maturity. However, she is candid about her ongoing challenge—balancing the relentless pursuit of success with self-care.


The propensity to believe that one must keep the momentum going at all times is a hurdle she acknowledges and is actively working to overcome. A pivotal moment in Taylor's professional life was her triumph over a challenging collaboration in 2022. Nearly a year and a half ago, a collaboration with another black-owned business threatened to tarnish her brand's reputation. Her resilience in the face of adversity not only exemplifies her strength but also serves as a source of personal pride. The experience, though trying, ultimately fortified her resolve and allowed her to triumph over detractors and naysayers. Residing in Detroit has shaped her in profound ways. Taylor firmly believes that the city compels individuals to prove themselves, nurturing a relentless spirit of determination.

In the realm of black-owned businesses, Taylor harbors mixed feelings about the term itself. She finds it somewhat condescending and perceives it as a trend that the world is riding. In her perspective, the label neither hinders nor significantly aids her efforts. Nevertheless, she acknowledges that for her modeling school, being a black-owned enterprise can indeed be a unique selling point. With no black equivalent to the John Casablanca modeling agency, Taylor takes on the role of the black version, depending on her audience, to emphasize the distinctiveness of her venture.


When it comes to competition, Taylor maintains a steadfast focus on her lane, collaborating with individuals whose energies align with her own. Her approach is characterized by meticulous research and a genuine investment in her work, resulting in her emerging victorious in many scenarios. Taylor believes that running a business is more challenging than motherhood, even as she cherishes her roles as both a mother and an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial journey often subjects her to intentional scrutiny, a means by which she must continually prove herself. Her grind leaves her with little respite, especially during peak seasons when she must undertake an array of responsibilities. Nevertheless, her
unswerving passion for every facet of her business keeps her going. The ultimate goal for Taylor is two-fold.


First and foremost, it is about excelling and delivering exceptional results. Second, it's about injecting a fresh perspective into her field. Rather than boasting about her achievements, she lets the caliber of her training and development do the talking, creating tangible value for her students. She remains resolute in her commitment to her work, consistently living in her purpose. While she envisions expanding her brand and venturing into new territory, she remains steadfast in her dedication to the foundations of her work. In navigating the challenges of being a woman in her field, Taylor keeps her confidence unwavering. She has encountered situations where artists were inappropriate or indirect with her, but she refuses to shy away from addressing uncomfortable conversations. Her strength lies in her ability to assert herself when necessary. Looking ahead, Taylor envisions her business finding a passionate team that truly comprehends the importance of genuine connections in a world where money often speaks the loudest. She emphasizes that belief in one's endeavor is a personal responsibility and shouldn't rely on the external validation of others.


The energy invested in one's business and the unwavering faith in its success will naturally attract support and followers, and Taylor firmly embodies the mantra, 
"It's nothing to it but to do it." Her unwavering faith continues to be a driving force,
propelling her through the many phases of her career and instilling in her the professionalism, punctuality, and personal growth that have contributed to her well-earned respect
within the industry.

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