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September 21 2023

Kofi B plans to perform his music and inspire the world at the same time

The 2X Emmy nominated and 2022 Apollo Theater winner at amateur night goes beyond the music notes to inspire the world by creating memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy. Kofi B, 23 year old musician, became a pilar to his community after sparking the world with his brilliant showmanship behind the piano. From being on news interviews to joining the two-time Emmy award winning host on the Tamron Hall Show, Kofi expands his history by not only playing great music but by spreading wisdom and experiences for everyone to relate too. When asked what his name meant to him he brought focus to his "dreams and aspirations" of living through his calling while making it all the way from Akron Ohio. Coming from such a profound city of one of the best basketball players in the history of the sport, he is slowly becoming one of the greatest musicians of his generation as he made sure his environment did not hold him back. "I grew up in the inner city of Akron Ohio where essentially if you're not playing sports or what everyone is doing, it considered weird. I played a piano and of course I got bullied; I was called a nerd because I loved to be in school" Kofi stated. His indifference to his classmates attached to his will and drive to become something uniquely different is what some might say put him in own league. 

Artist Kofi B
Story by Deon Stubbs
Photography above Pro Football Hall of Fame

In today's generation, Kofi B could be the cure for all that arises emotionally. As tense as the world may become at times and as inconvenient as obstacles may occur, Kofi shares his gift to the world as an extension of how he feels. Whether it's the beginning of a song he hears or is playing, it starts with a feeling. The intricate ability to interpret music to portray them to sway the mood of multiple personalities is what keep the rooms and shows packed. 

Kofi has his mother to thank and owes her all the praise for her selflessness and diligent efforts to see him prosper. "My mom is the reason me and my two older brothers are doing anything that we are doing right now. She's made so many sacrifices growing up. She's always put her kids first and kept us on the front of her mind. At one time, she worked 3 jobs" Kofi shared. It is no surprise that hard-working mother wanted the best for her children. With the ambition and strength of a family that stuck to the plan together, the world is happy with the results most would conclude. In the moments of her waiting and sleeping in the car as he played his heart out at shopping malls, the impact of dedication is a story worth being told a million times. Kofi B is not just a musician or a talented artist, he now represents an idea to millions of people. His YouTube backs up his awareness whereas his purpose is filtered through people who enjoy great music. "What I am looking for is in me and the past has no power over me" he stated as a guest speaker at the NAACP Scholarship Luncheon. Although the quote came from another, his reign of reach and inspiration is just as effective as music is to others who use it to cure the daily struggles of being someone alive in this lifetime. Kofi B is a timeless talent but a legendary man who the world needs now and forever. 

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