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We're all about celebrating innovation, inspiration, and the quest for knowledge. Our goal is to connect readers with content and brands that speak to their passions and ambitions. We're on a mission to inspire and inform, building bridges between our community and the stories that matter most. 

Est. 2018


Chief Executive Officer

"Trusting the process means seeing this whole thing through and that's what we intend to do."


Operations Manager

"I feel what we give to the people is much more than just a magazine and that is what separates us from the others."


Project Manager

"Each project is unique & we treat it as such. There is never a dull moment and I believe that the community loves us for that."


  • I'd rather see a Hyer Magazine at our local grocery store than other publications because it speaks to us in the city. The quality and everything in here is a testament to who we are as a community and this publication did a very good job at spreading that message.

    Katera Harris

  • The fact that you are spreading light on societal issue we encounter is very important and I love that you share the real stories and stuff people don't see because it does get overlooked by mainstream media. This is dope.


  • Hyer Magazine should be the largest publication magazine in Ohio. The quality, the information, the way you educate and unite people is genius. Every time I get a chance to read the magazine, I am in awe of the work and people I come across. There is nothing like this that I know of for our people.

    Calah Jones

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